Seven producers,
Seven different stories,
one single label: l'Insieme



Gianfranco Alessandria
Gianfranco Alessandria, a vine grower from Monforte d’Alba, works at his small, family-owned business with the help of his wife Bruna and daughter Vittoria, continuing the work of farmers that his family began two generations ago.


Elio Altare
The vinicultural history of the Altare family began with grandfather Giuseppe, who arrived in La Morra in 1948. Today, Giuseppe’s son Elio, his wife Lucia, and their daughter Silvia work at the winery, following all the work in the vineyards and cellar first-hand.

Giovanni Corino
The Corini family arrived in La Morra in 1952 as tenets on parish-owned land. After working for years as sharecroppers in the various farmhouses of the zone, they decided to focus on vinicultural production. Today, the winery is directed by Giuliano Corino, son of Giovanni, and Giuliano’s wife Stefania.


Silvio Grasso
Founded in La Morra in 1927 by Silvio Grasso, in the mid-1980s the winery was taken over by his son Alessio Federico, who began to bottle their wine under the family name. Today, Alessio’s wife Marilena and sons Paolo and Silvio work alongside him.

La Morandina
Five centuries of history. The foundation of the first La Morandina group goes back to 1600, a period in which the family name of Morando was already present in the area of Castiglione Tinella, today the seat of the winery. The business has been directed by brothers Giulio and Paolo Morando since 1988.


Fratelli Revello
The Revello winery, directed by brothers Carlo and Lorenzo, is located in the village of Annunziata in the municipality of La Morra. A small, family-run business, its history began in 1954 with the enterprise of their grandfather Giovanni.

Mauro Veglio
Founded in the 1960s by Angelo Veglio in the village of Annunziata in La Morra, the winery has been managed by his son Mauro since 1986. With the help of his wife Daniela and brother Elio, they cultivate vineyards in La Morra and Castiglione Falletto.

Gruppo Insieme