socially-useful, charitable
artistic and ethical projects


Over its twenty years in operation, L'Insieme has donated half a million euro to a variety of the most socially-useful, charitable, artistic and ethical projects. Each project is carefully assessed to determine the importance of the action put forward, the consequences for the local area and its population, continuity in the long-term, and the history and experience of the association and body promoting it.
We receive hundreds of requests.

We are meticulous in how we choose to allocate resources, requesting both commitment and quality: the same things which we, as a group, practice every single day in the production of impeccable wines.


L'Insieme and Emergency are old friends. Our group funded the nonprofit organisation that Gino Strada set up to build hospitals in war zones and to support medical staff providing care to casualties of war.


Father Serafino Chiesa has been working in Kami, in the Bolivian Andes, since 1985, assisting the poorest peasant farming and mining communities from Latin America. At an altitude of 4000m, one of his many social and welfare projects is the construction of a power station. The aim is to render the residents of the village independent and resell the energy generated to help boost development of the entire region.  


«Every child has the right to be cared for and loved». It is with the objective in mind that the Friends of Ndugu Zangu nonprofit association have been working to help underprivileged children in Kenya, driven by the hard work of secular missionary Luigi Panzeri. In total, the charity supports around 300 children and teenagers, many of whom have lost their parents. Adequate food, access to education and health care are the essential needs that Friends of Ndugu Zangu strive to meet every day.


Slow Food has become the leading international organisation championing a new kind of food: good, wholesome and fair, fully respectful of the rights of the producer, the area where it is produced and the traditions making up its history. Over the years, L'Insieme has donated large sums to the Associazione Amici dell’Università in Pollenzo and to projects which aim to improve the working conditions of farmers in deprived areas.  


The "Progetto Emmaus" social cooperative delivers services to society's more vulnerable people. Established in Alba during the mid 1990s, it offers psychiatric support and services to the disabled through its residential facilities and local actions. L'Insieme funded the restoration and adaptation of a number of residential buildings for the severely disabled.  


Alice delivers services and projects which aim to alleviate discomfort and to accompany and assist people in difficulty through a process of treatment and personal growth, promoting social and occupational inclusion and introducing measures to reduce health risks and trauma. L'Insieme helped the Alice Cooperative to build a multipurpose room in their Castiglione Tinella home for the children of mothers at risk.  


Lampada Magica is an nonprofit organisation set up to run projects which aim to extend the range of rehabilitation services offered in the Ferrero Rehabilitation Centre serving disabled and vulnerable people. The association also aims to hold sports, cultural or entertainment events to help make the dreams and aspirations of its residents come true.